Sticking Window Rubber seals

Discussion in 'General Caravan Questions' started by Derek Johnson, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Derek Johnson New Member

    The rubber seals around the windows of my caravan stick to the window and can be a bugger to open sometimes. Has anyone got a practical solution to this that actually works to ease the rubber sticking ?
  2. monkeypops New Member

    try something as simple as furniture polish ( MR SHEEN ETC ) or a silicon spray wiped on with a soft cloth. you just need to make a barrier between the window and rubber
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  3. Derek Johnson New Member

    Thanks for this, I will give it a go :)
  4. PhilHo Administrator

    Don't put too much on. Just enough to very thinly coat the seal.
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  5. Derek Johnson New Member

    Thanks Phil - will bear this in mind :)
  6. Dave Dolan New Member

    I always use Baby Powder (talc) just put some on your hand and rub over the window seals, usually keeps them unstuck for about 3 months.
  7. John Dunn New Member

    Has anyone got a diagram for setting up the poles on a Pyramid Tuscany full awning. We have just purchased a second hand one but have no instructions. I can be e-mailed on
    Many thanks if anyone can help,
  8. Dave Dolan New Member

  9. Derek Johnson New Member

    Thanks Dave I appreciate the information
  10. Stinky New Member


    Autoglym from Halfords make a number of products one being Vinyl & Rubber spray. You should use this during the year and it stops it happening.

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  11. ian baker New Member

    Hi this happened to me and I cleaned them with white spirits and it solved the problem.


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