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Discussion in 'Tow Cars' started by kiaconq, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. kiaconq New Member

    come on you sorento owners ,which is best the old 2.5 or the new 2.2?????????????????
  2. graham higgins New Member

    53 plate 2.5, 5 adults, compass 556 didn't know I had it on the back. even surprised me with the fuel return.
  3. andrewclapp New Member

    i also have 2008 kia sorento 2.5 and i tow a abbey spectrum 535 the pulling power is great you don,t no you have acravan on the bacy.
  4. John Holroyd New Member

    Hi all. The Caravan Club don't reckon much to the new 2.2 Sorento I have a 53 plate auto and it pulls like a train. I tow a Swift Meridian 4 berth
  5. PhilHo Administrator

  6. DJH New Member

    I've had 2 2.5s and a 2.2, all automatics and no complaints with any of them

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