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Discussion in 'General Caravan Questions' started by Peter Ludlam, May 31, 2013.

  1. Peter Ludlam New Member

    Has enyone had this problem i have a 4 berth caravan with an awning that has a 2 berth bedroom anex.I recently tried to book the caravan onto a site that i have used many times before. The booking was for 2 adults and 3 children but the site owners said i could only have 4 people as the van was only a 4 berth, i told them that we would use the bedroom anex in the awning but was told thats not allowed whats the point of paying extra for an awning if you cant use it .Has anyone else had this problem ?
  2. PhilHo Administrator

    Sounds a bit Police State like to me. I'd book at a friendlier site.


  3. davebakerpurton New Member

    It depends if they allow tents on site, an awning is after all a tent, they may not be insured for tents, if they are then they are just being pedantic.
    Dave B
  4. lindamickhur New Member

    Some sites do not allow sleeping in an awning.

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